About us

Welcome to Jrubio Photography

We are Josué and Joanna Rubio, a husband and wife photography team.

Looking through our lens we become storytellers… capturing your emotion and personality.  We tell your story through images of moments frozen in time.  Photography is our passion, our art, our heart.  Our goal is that you fall as in love with the photos we create, as we do!

Why do we care?

Here’s our story…  Josué is from Mexico City and Joanna is from Texas, but grew up in Central America.  We met and fell in love way up in the mountains of Guatemala.  our wedding was very      low-budget, We made everything ourselves.  A wonderful friend offered to take pictures during the ceremony.  We are very grateful to have those few pics, but they do not even begin to capture the essence of that beautiful day 17 years ago…

Photos matter.  Details matter.  Emotions matter.  Your story matters.

Photography is powerful.

In a fraction of a second, photography can capture the power of love and human connection, glimpse the nobility and depth of a soul, and immortalize the tiny priceless moments of life.

There is a very old saying that goes something like this…

To remember is to live again.

Photography allows you to catch a moment in time and hold it in the palm of your hand.